Medical Billing

Medical Billing is one of the most important elements of the revenue management cycle for practitioners and hospitals.


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Medical Billing is one of the most important parts of the revenue management cycle for healthcare providers and clinics. Every year millions of dollars are lost because of coding errors, underpricing, denied claims and missed charges. J Medical Billing service allows reducing these losses and correctly processing the medical billing. Our expert and professional approach helps our clients to free up the tedious tasks of follow up and billing. J Medical Billing works with the latest technologies and software development, our medical billing service is personalized according to every customer’s needs.

Medical billing is the most crucial part of the healthcare industry. Without proper knowledge of reimbursement techniques and medical billing, practices and providers won’t receive proper reimbursements. JMB can help you to manage the billing process more efficient and increase your revenue generation with its expert medical billing services.


Services Portfolio

01. Data Entry
We take information from the practice/provider and enter this data into our database. A lot of providers enter the claims themselves in the software, in that scenario, our task is to review the claims for any errors and then submit.
02. File Claims
Most of the claims are filed electronically and only some of it is on paper. This is reliant on insurance carrier the claims go to.
03. Statements
These are mailed from our office on behalf of the provider. The protocols of collections and statements are done particularly to the client’s requirements.
04. Payments
As we receive explanations and payments of benefits from the client, we post this into our database. Each EOB will be reviewed for accurate payment.
05. Denied Claims
We do aggressive follow up on accounts receivable, making it completely hassle-free for the practitioners to get back their claims accurately.
06. Reporting
We take out monthly reports because every practice or provider is different and we are always open to personalizing reports as per the client’s demands.

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