The process of getting credentialed, for a physician with payers, is critical in their income sequence.


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In order to enhance your practice performance you must get primary source verification for enrollment with payers, switching practices or adding new physicians to the existing group. If you are short of time to navigate through the process physician credentialing, allow us to render our services and help you with provider enrollment.

We will help you to get enrolled with carrier’s network so that you may provide quality service to your patients without worrying about billing. Our services of healthcare credentialing will get you paid faster.


We Offer Physician Credentialing Services


To prevent revenue disturbance because we collaborate with almost every practice providers to source level details to speed up the enrollment process with carriers at minimum cost. Our team of professional billers is familiar with guidelines observed by many prominent Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance carriers.

High-quality credentialing services for physician will include the following –

The Process Involves The Following Steps:


Application Evaluation

Primary Source Documentation

Outbound Call Center

Follow-Up with Payers

Data Entry

Monitoring Process

Our team of highly skilled and trained professionals will conduct research and analysis to cover the possible functionality gaps.

Our Provider Credentialing Services

Enssure To


Keep The Data Updated with Payer

Faster Payment Process From Insurance & Higher Number of Patient Referrals

Eliminate Revenue Leakage

Avoid Paperwork Backlog

Create New Relationships with Carriers

Status Updates of Transactions

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